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LC Cruell (Lucy) is a writer/director of award/festival winning short films and critically-acclaimed web series, with her first feature, Cemetery Tales, currently on the festival circuit. She is also a writer of numerous multiple-award/festival-winning feature screenplays, pilots and shorts. An Honors graduate of both Duke University and Harvard Law School, Cruell is/was an Author of 25 published short stories, Film Critic at multiple publications, attorney, freelance writer/editor, entrepreneur and member of Women in Film and Television, Science Fiction Writers of America, Mensa, Triple 9, The Organization of Black Screenwriters and an American Association of University Women Professional Fellow, a James Clyburn Fellow and a NATPE Diversity Fellow. Most recently, her script Crimson was chosen for a National Endowment of the Arts program, her film Flesh for fiscal sponsorship by non-profit From The Heart Productions, her film Sacrifice for a MAC grant, and she was named a winner of the SHUDDER/AMC NETWORKS SHUDDER LABS FELLOWSHIP for her project Un-Seen. She is currently represented by Sherry Robb of The Robb Company. IMDB


(Supernatural Horror) The most terrible power in the world... is love. This project received a MAC grant and is being co-produced by Zipang Global (Japan). Shooting wrapped. L.C. Cruell directed. Project is now in Post! 

7 Magpies

The 1st all Black Female written & directed horror movie anthology. Created by L.C. Cruell. Writers: Tananarive Due, Sumiko Saulson, Eden Royce, Crystal Connor, L.C. Cruell, Linda D. Addison, Paula Ashe! Directors - L.C. Cruell, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nicole Renee, Robin Shanea, Lary Love Dolley, Meosha Bean, and Rae Dawn Chong!


(Vengeance Thriller) "If that annoying stack of papers on your desk represents the lives of flesh and blood people, remember that. If you don't, someone may remind you." Written/Directed by L.C. Cruell. Chosen for Fiscal Sponsorship bFrom the Heart Productions, a 24 year old non-profit that supports filmmakers and films that they believe will "make a positive impact on society and the film industry." Selected for over a half dozen festivals and awards. Released in 2018. This doubles as a fully realized short and a proof of concept for the feature version, as it tells the story of the first 15 minutes of the feature.


Popular, critically-acclaimed, and groundbreaking webseries "31" written and directed by L. C. Cruell successfully launched its first run on 3/31. 31 is a supernatural thriller told in 31, 31-second-long, cliffhanger episodes.

As perhaps the First True Daily Internet Horror Serial it has amassed over 60,000 views on YT alone and branded the concept of the 31 second cliffhanger micro-series (perfect for mobile platforms). With literally dozens of RAVE REVIEWS: (i.e. TVOvermindtubefilterIMDB News, IMDB Horror News, FanGirlTastic, Dread Central, boxofficeBuzz, Hypnogoria, Planet Macabre, Brutal as Hell, Hexed, Sidereel, Web Series Network, Web Series Today, Horror Movie Matters, Planet Etheria, Spectacular Optical, Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, I Like Horror Movies, Newsodrome, Hellnotes,, etc.) 31's success has lead to YT partnership and 9 non-exclusive DISTRIBUTION DEALS with iThentic, Veedax, GoIndieTV, MyPodStudios, TwistFuture, Iflix, QuakQuak.UK, 555nm, and EMN. 

The entire series was shot on a budget of $390 with the script and concept alone pulling in incredible talent and support. Press, articles, comments, reviews, and other info for 31 can be found at-,,, and

Dragon Con: The 31 cast and crew was invited to and appeared at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA.

Festivals: World/Festival Premiere on the big screen as an official selection of Shriekfest Film Festival in LA, which it later WON! European Festival Premiere on the big screen as an official Selection of Campiflegrei Webfest in Italy!

Invited to join Dark Cabaret México to be a part of their project to bring great horror to Mexico. Youtube and video versions will soon be posted/rendered with an accurate Spanish translation for posting, festivals, and screenings, such as the Siniestro Film Festival and gatherings at the Scary Witches Café.

Current Status: Television Series Pilot in development.   

Mistresses of HorrorTM

Created by L.C. Cruell. Initial award-winning feature/pilot script written by L.C. Cruell, Linda S. Scott, and Diana Kemp. A multi-media franchise/brand dedicated to producing "Great Horror, By Women, For Everyone." 10 Top Genre Directors already Attached: Jennifer LynchMary LambertKatt SheaRachel TalalayKaren LamDevi SnivelyMaude MichaudBarbara StepanskyTammi Sutton, and Mae Catt. Produced by L.C. Cruell and Heidi Honeycutt. 

Cemetery Tales: Tales From Morningview Cemetery(Horror) Anthology Feature by 5 rising Southern directors. Cemetery Tales (2018) is available now on Amazon Prime. Cruell co-produced, co-wrote "Into the Woods... with You," and wrote & directed, "I Need You" (Trailer.) (Sometimes it is the parents who should listen to their children, and heed their warnings.) 
Why I Am A Dogperson: A dark comedy short written and directed by L.C. that has received such strong feedback and interest from online distribution channels that it may become the first part of a series.  
The Sitters
(Horror/Suspense Thriller Feature Script) You let her through your door. You leave her in your home. You leave her alone with your children. You think she is harmless. But what if you are wrong? So very, very wrong. [The Strangers meets Home Alone with a touch of Scream.]
The Burning aka Samarra
(Sci-Fi/Horror) They used to say beware the dark, but now beware the light. This could happen tomorrow, and if it does the world will BURN. Post-Solar-Storm apocalyptic disaster feature with director Jacob Cooney attached. [Melting Zombies.] 
(Horror/Coming of Age) When small town, country boy Will Cross gets into the best Ivy League college in the country, he was prepared to face off against snobs. He was not prepared for Vampires.  [Vampires in the Ivy League.] [The Skulls meets The Lost Boys.] [Also works as an Episodic Series Pilot] (Formerly known as "Blue Bloods," based in part on the writer's experiences at Harvard Law.) Selected Winner, National Endowment of the Arts Program Cultiv8. Finalist, Shriekfest, Horror Screenplay Contest, 20/20 Screenwriting Contest  
(Horror/Mystery Thriller) When Lizzie Borden's axe arrives in town, people start dying, and it is somehow all tied to the darkest night in the childhood of one quiet, young woman, Beth.  
Last Call for Angels
(Supernatural/Dark Fantasy) Dangerously dysfunctional humans and angels gather at a bar on a night, which, depending on how things go there, could be the end of the world. Top 10% Nicholls Fellowships in Screenwriting; Finalist, Roy W. Dean Writer’s Grant and Indiefest Chicago Film Festival/Cyclone Screenwriters Project.

The Guardians
(Sci-Fi/Action/Conspiracy Thriller) THEY are everywhere. THEY have manipulated mankind from behind the scenes for a hundred years, are now ready to emerge, and have only thing standing in their way… her. [The X-Files meets The X-Men.] [Also works as the entire first season of an Episodic Series] Winner, Breakthrough with a Scream ContestFinalist, Shriekfest and Cynosure Screenwriting Awards

Armageddon at Coffeeheaven
Sharp-tongued gen-X workers put snobby patrons and people from their past in their place while piecing together their own as-of-yet unfulfilled lives and dreams in the midst of a cataclysmically chaotic coffeehouse. Grand Prize Winner, Expose It! Screenplay CompetitionWinner, Screenplay Festival


The Four

(Original Pilot/Full Series Bible) (Supernatural/Thriller/Dark Comedy) Four losers discover they may be destined to be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


(Supernatural/Fantasy) The tale of the last 6 Nephilim, young offspring of Fallen Angels and Humans, as they fight to survive in a world where both the forces of good and evil consider them abominations 


(Supernatural/Sci-Fi/Horror)  The war between the living and the dead takes a new turn. And, it needs a hero... her. Even though she has no idea who she is beyond the number"31" branded into her hand. Based on the critically acclaimed, festival winning web series 31 

Pallas (aka MELD) 

(Sci-Fi/Horror) What if the next evolutionary leap is technological? Expensive implances now allow direct BCI interface between computers and the brain, dividing the human race, the rich and poor, into virtually different species. Until, The Vine: a viral code that wipes the higher brain functions of all with implants while maintaining the brain stem, creating, in essence, cyber zombies. The battle to reclaim humanity and the world begins. But where did The Vine come from? 

Atty To The Stars
(Sci-Fi/Satire) In the future the frontier of space is much like the Old West of Earth's past, where The Lawmen are often judge, jury, and enforcer, and young Atkins Peak, Space Attorney, soon learns that it's a wild, wild galaxy out there, and, where trouble calls, she's often the only law there is. (In Progress)
The Travel Girls
A Travel Show where you get to follow the up and down adventures of two young women exploring the world on their own for the first time. In collaboration with Claudia Bennett
Panther Chase 
A Dating Show for Cougars of Color. In collaboration with producer Krystal J. Thomas.
A Toast! 
(Sci-Fi/Horror/A Dying Earth story, 8 min) 
There is no point, except that there is.
Afghan of Doom
(Dark Comedy/Horror)
With the best gifts, it really is the thought that counts. (7 pages, 2 locations). Finalist, Shriekfest and
 Gimme A Break Contest
(New, Vengeance Thriller) 
No bond is thicker than blood. A tale of vengeance. (6 pages, 1 Int location, 2 characters, no FX)
The Chickens Are on Fire
(Dark Comedy) 
The chickens are on fire?! What the hell does that mean? (7 pages, multiple locations). Finalist, Broad Humor Film Festival and Movie Script Short Contest
Devil's Den
(New, Horror) 
The Devil's Den is a real legend of a real place located in the forests at the base of the Appalachian Mountains in upstate South Carolina. It is the place where hellhounds are born, and the only thing that matters is how fast you can run. (11 pages, 2 locations)
End User Agreement
(New, Dark Comedy/Horror) 
Read the small print people! There is always an end user. (6 pages, 1 location)
From the Inside Out
The deadliest demons are those that come from within. (2 pages, 2 locations, FX)
Gotta Be Perfect 
(Sci-Fi/Horror, 13 min) 
The cost of perfection. 
In Nomine
(Supernatural; 4 minute short) 
A meeting in a church between two very old friends.
Killer Hindsight
(New, Dark Comedy) 
The most notorious killers find out the hard way that the sweet taste of revenge, can be even sweeter from beyond the grave. (3 pages, 1 Ext location, large number of extras) 
The Last Chapter Of Our Story
(Horror, Dark)
The end of the world is also a new beginning. It just depends on your perspective. Winner at Stranger With My Face Film Festival, Australia. (10 pages, 1 location, FX)
(New, Dark Comedy) 
The end of the world can have its upsides too. (1 page, 1 Ext location, FX)
(Vampire/Pschological Horror; 20 min short) 
What happens when you finally find what you seek? Winner, Shriekfest
The Sixth Wall
(New, Horror) 
If this was real, you'd still watch wouldn't you? (2 pages, 1 location, FX)
Through a Glass House Darkly
(Southern Gothic Ghost Story; 20 min short )
If the secrets a house holds are strong enough, they will find a way out. Finalist, Shriekfest.   
Working on the I-1
Two tollbooth workers make their way through the workday, or the two halves of the human soul help each other survive life… whichever way you want to look at it. (9 pages, 2 locations) Finalist, Annual Screenwriter’s Challenge
World's Shortest Horror Movies 
(Horror Spoof; 11 min short) 
What they should have done.
Seven the Hard Way, Spec Script
For family, we will do anything. 
The Devil Inside, Spec Script, "Supernatural"
What secret in this quiet mountain town is powerful enough to make a demon die… laughing?
   2009 NAPTE Fellowship Winner 
Sweet Dee Pimps Out the Boys, Spec Script, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
Sweet Dee pimps out the boys, Charlie becomes a cyber-porn star, and Mac gets litigious on everyone's ass.
    Finalist, Broad Humor Film Festival 

And That Was the Night that the Cable Went Out in Springfield
, Spec Script, "The Simpsons"
It's the end of the world as we know it, and the only one who can save us is Homer Simpson.  
   Finalist, ATalent Scout TV Competition
Previous Television Specs: Winners of Scriptapalooza TV and the Organization of Black Screenwriters Television Script Competition and finalists in American Accolades TV and Austin Film Festival Prime Time.  
"Zoe" with director Attila Szasz and production company Extreme Film. 
"Have Me For Dinner." Horror/dark comedy co-written by L.C., screened at Atlanta Horror Festival.
"The Horror, The Horror." Horror spoof written for director Jackie Schklar. It went to #1 on and was Video of the Week on Internet Video Magazine. 

Also, custom-designed jewelry dedicated to me (so cool) in the new Women in Horror Line: Earrings 

And a recipe of mine (Southern Gothic Salmon Cakes) in Have A Heart for Horror, a new cookbook with recipes by Women in Horror, proceeds going to charity: Have a Heart For Horror

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